Have You Been Dog Knapped?

Doesn't it drive you crazy when...

You’re looking for information on dog grooming...

And the only thing the sites say is brush regularly or
take him for regular grooming?
How about cats? I’ll show you why coat care is important and what not to do at home.

You go to an obedience site that offers five ways to train your pooch for free...

And all they tell you is to be calm and
consistent in five different ways?

All you want is to learn how to house break your puppy...

But, you have to buy $109.00 worth of training videos or books for $39.95, so you can read two pages on how to stop your puppy from peeing on the floor.
By the way, it's always a limited time offer that goes on forever.

It drives me crazy too.
I won’t offer you book after book on solving canine problems you may never have.
There is more than one way to teach your puppy where to relieve itself.
I won't waste your time on useless free advice for dogs or puppies.

Sure there’s free stuff here,
but there’s also information for you on the exact training you want.
And yes I’m going to charge you, but I won’t charge you
through the roof for information you don't want or need.

The Garage Grooming Shop will give you useful information about grooming pets, both in the shop and at home.
If you’re a client, you can now book an appointment on line.

Should you have a business in the pet industry, or are thinking about starting one,
Check out pet businesses there’s solid information on starting and marketing your business for success.

If you have a puppy that is too cute to kill
With, what you think is your shoe, in its mouth...
scoot over to puppies.

Got mutt or pup problems? Training is where you'll find specific information about common behaviours
you want to stop or control.

The Church of Dog
takes you down the road of spirituality for animals,
with some new age techniques for animals tossed in for you to explore.

Adventure pets
Is a fun place to investigate and learn what pets are capable of, from surfing to kayaking and how to find training for adventure.

Worried about disaster?

How about 2012?

Could disaster be imminent in your area of the world?
Do you live in an area riddled with tornadoes or earthquakes?
The disaster link could save your feathered or furred family member.

Oh My God!

Another year has passed for your dog.
Pup parties are fun and are easily planned.
Enjoy the fun at the party button for ways to make your dog party a fun and safe event. Parties are not just for birthdays.

Every parent who is contemplating a pet for their kids
should investigate kids and pets.
A must see for real information before you lay down your money for a pet.

Whether you’re seeking info on
grooming, puppies, training or other pet related stuff,
explore Animal Dancers.

Oh and by the way, the about me button is all about me and my experience.

Remember the question I asked you at the beginning?
The answer is YES you have been
Dog Knapped!

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Jackie Larocque
Jackie Larocque briefly outlines her experience and how she integrates into her work.
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