Ahhh. Polices, the necessary yet kinda droll part of owning a business.

You can’t pay me enough to perform cruel procedures on your pet.

If your pet is matted, it will be shaved as painlessly as possible. I will try to leave as much fur on as possible, however, keep this in mind…it is not my fault if your pet is matted.

Nor is it my fault for sores under the matts.

If you insist on wanting the pet brushed out from a severely matted state, it will take longer to avoid any cruelty to the pet. It will take ten-fifteen days at $200.00 per day.

Don’t lie. I would rather an owner tell me their pet is matted than lie and say that there are only a couple of matts. Meanwhile the pet’s fur comes off in one piece. If you want to tell how matted your pet is, use the comb test. If you cannot get a fine tooth comb through the fur…it’s matted. Deal with it and be honest.

Phone before you walk into the shop. When you show up unannounced, it breaks the energy and routine in the shop. It takes longer to calm your dog down if he/she is not ready. Plus, think of it from the dogs point of view…you have abandoned me.

Do not rely on the pick-up time I tell you when you drop off your dog. Some days are good dog days, some are not. Not every dog has a good day and for those that are having a rough day, I take extra time. I do not pinned them and force them to meet a deadline. I work at their speed.

If you need a certain drop off or pick up time, arrange it at the time of booking the appointment.

I try to accommodate my clients, but if I can’t get you in the day you phone, don’t get mad at me.

I don’t think it’s funny when I ask you if there have been any problems in other shops and you tell me no, then when you pick the dog up you glee fully ask me if he bit me, cause he’s bitten every other groomer. Understand this now, it’s called due diligence. What this means is that it’s your responsibility to inform me of any previous aggressive behaviors. If you don’t, and I am informed that the dog has been aggressive previously, I can sue you. And if I get bit because of your irresponsibility…I will sue you. Tell me the truth when I ask.

Please do not bath your dog prior to coming in. You are not making my job easier by bathing a couple days before the appointment. I still have to bath them in shop. Don’t worry about being embarrassed if they are dirty, I like them filthy.

Do not bring your dog into the shop if he is sneezing, coughing, vomiting, has diarrhea or is half dead. GO TO THE VET! If I refuse your dog because of illness, understand that I try to keep the other dogs in the shop safe and know that I will keep your dog safe by refusing someone else with a sick dog. I try my best, however, if I don’t know your dog is sick and he shows symptoms while in the shop, you will be phoned to come get your dog immediately.

I will inform you if there has been a sick dog in the shop and to contact your vet for any observation you may have to do. I will inform you of any behavior changes your dog is exhibiting from previous grooms. I will inform you of any ear infections, possible anal gland infections, sore limbs, cuts, scrapes, discharge, lumps or bumps. I keep track of the size of lumps and will notify you if they are growing,

If you suspect that your pet has fleas, tell me. A flea bath is given to any pet that may have fleas or if I find any fleas on a pet.

Payment is due when you pick up the pet. If you need to make payment arrangements, it must be done at time of booking the appointment.

If you are calling for a price, and you start to complain that I’m higher than your last groomer, I will politely request that you go back to them. I am not a franchise with other groomers.

I encourage owners to bring a picture of a style you want on your pet. If it is possible, I will do it. I ask a lot of questions so I can style your pet the way you are picturing in your mind.

If you miss an appointment, don’t be scared. Just phone to rebook. I completely understand how things can slip your mind and I don’t get all bent out of shape about it.

Talk to me about any concerns you have with your pet.

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